Ongoing GDPR Support for SMEs

While large organisations will have a dedicated privacy resource, this is not often viable for SME businesses, and simply granting someone in the business the title of Data Protection Officer does not imbue them with knowledge or experience of the law and its implementation. 


This gap, with its associated legal and reputation risks, can be closed with a 'Virtual' Privacy Officer.

A VPO is an external privacy expert who can deliver the right skills, at the right time, without having to divert internal resources or employ expensive legal professionals. Our model has two aspects - proactive risk control and reactive incident management;


- Annual review of GDPR compliance and security standards;

- Annual staff training ;

- GDPR advice on demand;

- Point-of-contact for external GDPR enquiries;

- Monthly privacy and security bulletins.



On-demand support in the event of;

- A data breach;

- Exercise of GDPR rights;

~ Subject Access Request;

~ The right to be forgotten (erasure);

~ Data portability, or;

- A GDPR complaint.

Based on an annual subscription model, this peace-of-mind starts at just £40 per month for an employer of up to ten people. 


We believe this gives SME business affordable access to professional support, reduces risk and insures against high legal costs.​

Business Research

GDPR & employment litigation...

In a 2019 online training video,  a lawyer encourages employees with a grievance to submit a data access request because, in his words "in many cases, the submission of a Subject Access Request is enough to bring a negotiation to a conclusion". He goes on to say that the information obtained could include "emails, text messages, social media and more. You can imagine what this may reveal".

Are you prepared for an employee to launch this at you?